What is a Good Side Hustle For Women? – Finding Your Perfect Fit

If you want to generate more income besides your main job, side hustle in any category you like is the best option to do that. What is a good side hustle for women? is the most asked question on internet.

Women in every part of the world, especially in USA, can get benefit of this great opportunity by selecting the best online earning way as side hustle. There are many categories where women can apply this but blogging is the king of all. 

In this article, we will discuss how a women can make money from blogging? We will discuss various monetization options through which a women can generate handsome amount and last but not the least, we will go thorough the strategy to build a blog as well. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Blogging – Lucrative Side Hustle

Blogging is an up-to-date and multifunctional instrument for getting in touch with the whole human race. It can act as a;

  • personal diary
  • a marketing aid or even
  • a full-fledged business

It has been recognized by many American women who have been able to turn their blogs into profitable ventures.

Choosing Your Niche

What is a Good Side Hustle For Women? - Niche Selection

Before starting a blog, It is important to choose the right niche. The theme of your blog should reflect your interest and expert knowledge.

This means you can blog about anything, from fashion and beauty to finance and travel. First, you need to select a niche that reflects your interests and has potential customers.

Setting up Your Blog

This makes it easier to create a blog, as compared to the earlier days when one had to rely on user-unfriendly platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

WordPress is the best option to start a blog. You will get the premium options to design you blog and have 100% revenue as compare to blogger. Blogger will pay you @ratio of 40/60. It means you will get 60% and blogger will get the 40% revenue share. 

You can;

  • select your domain name
  • Buy best Hosting
  • design your blog or website, and
  • post your articles

Finally, ensure you invest in a clean and professional-looking design to;

  • load your website faster and to
  • make a good first impression

Creating Quality Content

The content of a blog should determine its success. You should post;

  • informative
  • entertaining, and
  • thoroughly researched content on your blog on a regular basis

Creating a loyal readership requires being consistent.

What is a Good Side Hustle For Women? - Monetization Methods

Now, let’s look at how you can earn money from a blog. 

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting different products or services on your blog, making money for every clickable link.

Being a women, you must go for;

  • beauty products
  • cooking
  • cloths
  • make up kits
  • shoes etc.

It is most favorite area of interest for women on the globe and you will get success in very quick time. 

This is how many successful bloggers in the USA have become financially successful.

2. Sponsored Posts

Once your blog have good traffic, you have another way of side hustle earning opportunity, the guest or sponsored post.

Bloggers often receive requests from companies to write sponsored posts. You work with brands and sell or promote their products and services in order to get paid. Sponsored posts can be used to monetize your blog. 

3.Selling Digital Products

You can produce and sell digital items like;

  • e-books
  • printables, and
  • online courses if you’re proficient in a specific area

This can be a very lucrative side hustle for bloggers with expertise in niche topics.

4. Online Courses and Workshops

You could monetize your expertise by offering online courses and workshops. American female bloggers have devised courses on different matters, such as;

  • photography and
  • cooking

5. Membership Sites

Another way to generate income is by creating a membership site where readers pay for premium content or exclusive access.

It promotes communal engagement and provides valuable material to the fans.

6. Advertising and Ad Networks

Google AdSense or other ad networks can provide a reliable source of income through displaying ads on your blog.

The more traffic you get to your blog, the easier it is to make money from ads. 

7. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

Many bloggers use their blogs as a portfolio for their writing skills. This also enables you to have freelance opportunities as a writer or a copywriter, which contribute to your income.

8. Social Media Management

If you are good at running social media, you can assist other businesses or bloggers on the same. This is a perfect way of making revenue from your social media.


The world of opportunities for women in the USA to make money through blogging is wide enough for them to write about their interests and professions.

It can be done either via affiliate marketing, sponsored posts or by selling digital products; the income opportunity is enormous. The secret lies in producing great content, building a solid following, and experimenting with different monetization options.


Some of the best side hustle jobs in 2023 to make $500 or more this week include gig economy work like food delivery, freelance writing, and online tutoring. These flexible opportunities can help boost your income quickly.
To make $2,000 a month through a side hustle, consider options like freelance work, online tutoring, or e-commerce. Set clear goals, manage your time efficiently, and continuously build your skills to increase your income potential.
Women can make money quickly through various methods such as freelancing, selling products online, or offering services like tutoring or consulting. Leveraging existing skills and exploring the gig economy can provide fast income opportunities.
To make $3,000 a month through a side hustle, consider options like freelance writing, graphic design, or e-commerce. Focus on marketing your services or products effectively and expanding your client or customer base to reach your income goal.
Stay-at-home moms can make money from home through avenues like freelance work, online tutoring, remote customer service jobs, or by starting a home-based business like e-commerce or content creation. Utilize your skills and available time to generate income while balancing family responsibilities.

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